Modern Warfare

  • Ryan Cabase

    Cabasay - Call of Duty Academy Roster

    Ryan “Cabasay” Cabase is currently the Captain of Carnage Gaming’s Call of Duty Academy Division. Began his experience within gaming when he competed in Halo 2 with his friends, and realized that he could compete at the beginning of Black Ops 4. He realized that he had a passion and a drive to take something like competition head on. He seeks to climb up the ranks of the Amateur scene, and make a name for himself within the community. Enjoys establishing friendships within the community and the competition that comes along. Ryan seeks to establish himself as he pursues the opportunity to compete at the highest level.

  • Jason Tewari

    Soflo - Competitive Sniping Division

    Jason "Soflo" Tewari currently competes in the Sniper Division for Carnage Gaming. He realized that he was better than most of the competition within his previous teams and decided to pursue competitve sniping further. His goals are to continue improving, push himself to his limits, and ensure that he brings growth to the organization he calls home. Soflo likes that the community allows for relationships to be established, create bonds among his team members, and that he can build a solid foundation within his game of choice.

  • Kevin Andrade

    Kevology - Competitive Sniping Division

    Kevin "Kevology" Andrade realized that he was pretty handy with a sniper in 2012. His long term goal is to provide entertainment and subsequently generate revenue from his content. He has a passion for the things he does regardless of what game he competes in. Whether it is compettively or not he brings the same intensity either way. A huge fan of Nickmercs is evident in the aggressive manner in which he competes across multiple titles.

  • Jaime Tewari

    Zavroh - Competitive Sniping Division

    Jaime “Zavroh” Tewari currently competes in Carnage Gaming’s Competitive Sniper Division. He began competing in 2012 when he was exposed to the competitive environment, and from that moment he was hooked. His goals are to produce content on a regular basis, and allow for himself to obtain growth along with his Organization. He enjoys the competitive environment and how it allows for relationships to be established along with intense rivalries. As a huge fan of Scump he enjoys competing and will soon be pursuing content creation.

  • Christopher Sharpe

    YourManBuccz - Competitive Sniping Division

    Christopher “YourManBuccz” Sharpe currently competes in Carnage Gaming’s Competitive Sniping Division. He was first introduced to gaming when he got his hands on a Sega, his first experience with competitive gaming began in Modern Warfare 2. He began sniping and quickly realized that he had a talent for delivering headshots. His goal is to become a successful content creator, and really enjoys the competition that is encountered within the community. He brings an aggressive play style, allowing for his team to capture multiple titles within their career.

  • Joshua Carpenter

    Joshyy - Competitive Sniping Division

    Joshua “Joshyy” Carpenter currently competes in Carnage Gaming’s Competitive Sniper Division. Joshyy began his experience in games with the title Pro Evolution Soccer 2, during the beginning of Modern Warfare 2 he was introduced to competitive sniping. After competing in several games he realized the potential he had within the game and that he needed to shift his focus to compete in order to ensure the reduced the skill gap. He seeks to establish himself within the competitive sniping scene in order to begin generating revenue from his content and his tournament winnings. He enjoys the competitive nature and the consistent trash talk that comes with the game.

  • Javon Clyne

    Desypul - Competitive Sniping Division

    Javon “Desypul” Clyne currently competes under Carnage Gaming’s Competitive Sniping Division. Began his experience with video games when he played Frogger, he was introduced to competitive sniping when he began competing in Modern Warfare 2 in 2013. He seeks to have fun, establish himself as a competitor, and produce solid content that will allow for his skills to be properly displayed. He enjoy the skill development that comes with competing and the teamwork that is established.