• Lyssa

    Ivanna - Content Creator

    Lyssa brings an amazing personality, great content, and above all lots of laughs for the community. Her energy is unmatched, her enthusiasm simply cannot be contained. As she represents the red warriors her goals remain to continue growing her community as well as growing as an individual within the field of content creation. Lyssa loves Resident evil, and is an active caster for Gears Esports. She shifted to content creation and has been completely crushing the scene, do not sleep on such a talented individual. the red warriors are truly honored to have her represent the carnage banner.

  • Bennii

    Beni - Content Creator

    The man, the myth, the legend, Beni is truly an interesting individual within the content creation community. Talented young player who discovered his passion for Warzone and began to commit to non-stop content creation. Bringing you non-stop action, both in game and out, he remains a consistent head turning individual within the community. Make sure you do not overlook the talent that he brings, he consistently adapts and grows within the content creation field.

  • Discordia

    Katelik - Content Creator

    Discordia the queen of the #RawrSquad, yes you read it right the Queen. She brings amazing content, an upbeat personality, and overall simply non-stop laughs. Lover of Dinosaurs, she brings her charismatic personality to the community. Make sure to show her some support as she continues to draw in eyes, and above all generate laughter for her fans. Make sure to stop by and show the Queen of the #RawrFamily some love.

  • Nukleo

    Agustin - content creator

    nukleo brings amazing BrawlStars content, recently becoming a content creator for Supercell he continues to move up the ladder in achievements. Nukleo brings lots of laughs, consistent competitive content, and above all generates an audience. His personality attracts those who seek to learn about the game while enjoying some non-stop destruction. Make sure to follow him as he continues to grow and continues to generate eyes towards BrawlStars on his stream.

  • Deemints

    Nancy - Content creator

    Nancy brings her Gears Community amazing content, she brings to the Red Warriors an upbeat personality that simply calls for an audience. Her consistent grind proves that she is dedicated to ensuring that her community is well taken care off. Nancy brings consistent Gears action, as well as expanding her content onto other titles. Make sure to follow her and not miss any instance to enjoy her content.

  • Amxne

    Sharon Nicole - Content Creator

    Sharon entered the red warrior family as a gears of war focused streamer, and eventually made the shift to apex legends. she brings an enthusiastic personality, consistent growth as a competitor, and has established herself as a force within the apex legends community. She enjoys creating content, and enjoys the personal growth that comes within the community. Her community has consistently followed her across multiple titles, and continues to provide her with support as her channel grows.

  • Influence

    Connor - Content Creator & Halo Competitor

    Connor began his career with gaming when he was 10 when he encountered Halo, like many of us did. He fell in love with the game as well as enjoying the thrill that comes with competing to be the best, and enjoys establishing himself as a competitor that will be the best within his craft and game of choice. he loves meeting new individuals within the community, creating friendships, and creating a brand within the community. He began his competitive career long before he began streaming, he first competed when he was 16 years old at MLG Columbus 2010. He loves how events connect the community and how events bring family together along with bringing the community together.

  • Astrobbyxo

    Miriam - Content Creator

    Miriam began her experience with video games when she played Sly Cooper for the PlayStation 2 & 3. She enjoys making people laugh, bringing amazing content for the community, and also providing the community with a platform to connect. She brings a family vibe for her community where everyone can openly share and communicate with one another. With a short career she has been crushing the community and establishing herself as a consistent creator for her fans.