Streamers & Content Creators

  • Coby Thomas

    Pryzaam - Call of Duty Streamer

    Coby "PryZaaM" Thomas is currently an active member of Carnage Gamings Streaming Division. Coby currently competes in Collegiate Call of Duty. Coby seeks to continue creating content so that he can one day be able to live off what he loves doing best. He continues to compete but has shifted the majority of his free time to ensuring that he streams and creates content for the community. Make sure to tune in and follow him as he continues to push himslef each and every day.

  • Gregg Stull

    Grixoh - Call of Duty Streamer

    Gregg "Grixoh" Stull currently competes in Call of Duty, he began his gaming experince by playing Crash Bandicoot. He realized that he was could compete competitively when he began to play GameBattles in the 4th grade along with his friends. His long term goal is to ensure that competing or streaming become his career. He consistently admires the support that the community provides, the friendships that are established wihtin the community. Make sure to catch his stream for non-stop Call of Duty action.