• Facundo Braile

    Crims0n - Professional Paladins Competitor

    Facunso "crims0n" Braile currently competes under Carnage Gaming's Paladins Division. He began his experience with Video Games when he played Quake 2. He realized he could compete professionally when he was ranked 500 within Overwatch and a close friend introduced him to Paladins. His ultimate goal is to win a major event within his career in Paladins, he currently represents the region of Brazil in the Paladins Professional Circuit. He represents the #RedWarriors during this season of Paladins, and will continue to bring his intense skillset in hopes of securing his first major.

  • Pablo dos Santos Passos

    Skuder - Professional Paladins Competitor

    Pablo "Skuder" dos Santos Passos currently competes under carnage gaming's paladins division. he began his career when he discovered Paladins Champions of the Realm. He realized he could compete at the highest level when he began a team with his friends for the main Brazilian league of Paladins 2019. He seeks to be recognized and to improve more and more with his efforts. Seeking to win a major this season under the #RedWarrior Banner, he currently continues to represent the region of Brazil.

  • Alex Alcides Azevedo dos Santos

    Ar3z - Professional Paladins Competitor

    Alex "Ar3z" dos Santos currently competes under Carnage Gaming's Paladins Division. He began his professional career when he began to compete in paladins, currently seeking to transition to Valorant and remain a staple within Paladins as well. Alex continues to push himself as well as his team members to their limits in order to secure a championship this season under the #RedWarrior Banner.

  • Gabryel Arthur Almeida Rangel

    Ecoul - Paladins Coach

    Gabryel "Ecoul" Rangel currently is the coach for carnage gaming's paladins roster. Former competitor he realized he was talented when he decided to take a chance on himself and compete against his idols. He wanted to represent his country and with the support of his fans he made a name for himself in the region of Brazil. Currently focuses on ensuring the #RedWarriors achieve a championship this season.