Gears of War

  • Rodrigo Arturo Muratalla Espana

    Autens - Gears of War Director

    Rodrigo "Autens" Arturo Muratalla Espana is a true veteran of the Gears of War Community. He began competing in Gears of War, realized he was destined to compete in Gears as he was dominating some of the best within the scene. Within Gears 4 he realized that he was bound to end up in the major events alongside some of the greatest within the community. He loves the support that the community brings, the fan base that is created, and loves the Smite Pro community. He truly brings passion and determination to the #RedWarriors as the Director of the Gears of War Roster.

  • Annete Ximena Hernandez Villa

    Trendy - Gears of War Competitor

    Annete "Trendy" Villa currently competes under the #RedWarriors Gears of War Division Female Roster. She has consistently competing across multiple Gears of War Titles, began her journey in Gears of War 3. After realizing that she was competing in tournaments for fun and possessed the skill to compete at the highest level she transitioned to competitive. She seeks to be remembered as one of the best in the community alongside her team members. She enjoys establishing friendships within the community and competing alongside those friends.

  • Karina Guadalupe Munoz Zavala

    Kaary - Gears of War Competitor

    Karina "Kaary" Zavala currently competes under the #RedWarriors Gears of War Division. She began her experience with Video Games when played Gears of War 4, and immediately was in love with the game. She slowly continued to play the game and once she found a team she loved she decided to shift into full competitive mode. Her goal is to be recognized as a top talent within the community as well as establish friendships within the community. She continues to develop as a competitor and a team member within the #RedWarriors.