Fighting Game Division

  • Callie Geurts

    GoGeurt - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Callie “GoGeurt” Geurts currently competes in Carnage Gaming’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Division. Began her experience with video games when she played Smash Brothers, upon meeting some Smash Players she realized that she could compete. They provided her with assistance and from there she decided to test her skills withing the tournament scene as well as begin streaming. Her long term goal is to inspire more women to achieve gaming goals, and help people gain more confidence in themselves. If she achieves that then that is her W within the community. Callie loves people, and people are the only reasons he decided to take the step to being a competitor.

  • Rafael Guadron Jr.

    Rafi - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Rafael "Rafi" Guadron currently competes in carnage gaming's super smash brothers ultimate division. He first got his hands on Sonic Heroes which allowed him to realize he loved video games. He realized he could compete when he started to beat the pros he admired and watched on YouTube. His long term goal is to make the PR within SolCal and continue to make waves in the global scene. Rafi enjoys the competitive nature of the scene and the friends that are made along the way. Rafi mains Bowser and has competed against the top players within Smash earning him recognition as a top Bowser Main.

  • Maren Stone

    Tira - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Maren "Tira" Stone currently competes in Carnage Gaming's Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Division. She first encountered video games when she played Dunk Hunt and transitioned to SSBU when she realized she was beating her friends with ease. She is currently establishing new long term goals within the competitive scene. She has made friendships within the scene and learned so much from the gaming community. She is often referred to as the Queen of Dubs given her amazing skillset in Duos within the Smash Community. She seeks to continue dominating in her home town and also pursue other events that will allow her to continue growing.

  • Dominic Vito Carone

    T3 DOM - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Dominic “T3 DOM” Carone currently competes under Carnage Gaming’s Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Division. He began his career in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate as a competitor, but his first experience with video games came with Crash Team Racing. He realized he could compete when Ultimate released in late 2018, he has access to transportation in order to compete across local events. This allowed him to enjoy the competitive scene, and therefore realized he was able to continue improving on his craft. The diversity within the community is what attracts him, everyone coming from different backgrounds, and also allowing for everyone to share the love of the games. Dominic brings an intense play style as he mains Ritcher and other characters who many see as no threat.

  • Jacob Trammell

    SweetT - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Sweet T is currently an active member of Carnage Gaming's Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Division. Jacob was first introduced to gaming when he began to play The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the Super Nintendo. He began to compete when he joined his first tournament within Super Smash Brothers Melee. He was defeated in the tournament, and when brawl came out he really focused on competing. His goal is to compete at the highest level, enjoys that everyone shares the same interest and one can always relate.

  • Kaylin Elizabeth Fey

    Jetshadow - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Jetshadow is currently an active member of Carnage Gaming's Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Division. Originally signing with Carnage as a streamer she slowly began to push herself until she gained the skills necessary to compete. Originally competing in World of Warcraft she transitioned to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, where she seeks to become the best female competitor within Texas. She enjoys the social aspect that comes with the community as well as all the new people she interacts with that share the same love for the game.

  • Kevyn Dant'e White

    Yusei - Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

    Kevyn “Yusei” White is currently a competitive Super Smash Brothers Ultimate player for Carnage Gaming who mains Wolf. Began his experience with video games when he played MegaMan X, which till the day is his favorite game. He realized that he could compete in 2014 when he wanted to attend tournaments and push himself to his limits. He seeks to establish content such as photography and continue his personal brand growth. His long term goal is to no only become one of the best but help the community and provide a voice for those who are afraid to speak for themselves. He enjoys the connection, the friendships, the ability to travel and how much you have in common with someone over video games.