• Christopher Zito

    Zito - Splitgate Division Manager

    Christopher “Zito” Zito currently is Carnage Gaming’s Splitgate Division Manager, began his experience with video games when he played Halo. He realized that he had the skill to compete in Black Ops 2 when he payed league matches, he gained a lot of skill and knowledge that would be necessary to pursue a competitive career. Upon graduating from High School he put himself in a position to where he had the ability to stream and connect to others within the First Person Shooter Community. His long term goal is win championships and potentially move into the casting side of esports. He enjoys the laughs, the good times that come with the friendships, as well as the atmosphere.

  • Michael Bagley

    DeadEyeDallas - Competitive SPlitgate

    Michael "DeadEyeDallas" Bagley currently competes under Carnage Gaming's Splitgate Division. He began his experience with video games when he played Donkey Kong 64, eventually making the shift to competitive and becoming a staple within Splitgate. First competing in 2017, he enjoys the time he interacts with his team members as well as the connections that are made within the community. The fact that one can establish relationships with individuals who are across the world is great, allowing for friendships to be established.

  • Kevin Jeffrey Pett

    EndofForever - Competitive Splitgate

    Kevin "EndofForever" Pett competes under carnage gaming's splitgate division. Entering splitgate with a determination to be the best, he seeks to establish himself as a top player within the community. Alongside his team he prepares himself to continue dominating the competition within splitgate, bringing a ruthless aggression that cannot be matched. Make sure to tune in as he alongside his team continue to secure championships within the split gate community.