• Jimuel Parganel

    Ripp3r_ - Competitive PUBG

    Jimuel "Ripp3r" Parganel currently competes under carnage gaming's pubs division. Entering the PUBG scene Ripp3r brings an aggressive play style alongside his team members. Hell be actively representing the #RedWarriors attempting to qualify for Pro League. Consistantly placing high, establishing dominance, and overall hunting enemies like his name describes as a Ripper. Alongside his team he continues to push his limits within the competition, continuing to place within the top ranks in the PUBG community. Ripp3r competes in a variety of games, but his primary focus remains PUBG as he feels his passion for the title continues to grow as he continues to compete alongside his friends and team members.

  • Zrayven Rahman

    Zrayven - Competitive PUBG

    Zrayven “Zrayven” Rahman currently competes under Carnage Gaming’s Competitive PUBG Division. First introduced to gaming when he played Halo Combat Evolved, he has been a competitive person his whole life so competitive gaming came naturally for him. His long term goal within gaming is to ensure he remains happy with the titles he competes in, does not seek to be famous just satisfied with what he is doing within the moment. Overall he enjoys how intertwined the community can get with the simple use of technology. He has established himself as a solid competitor within the PUBG scene in the short time he has been involved.

  • Gabriel Elliott

    Maji - Competitive PUBG

    Gabriel "Maji" Elliott currently competed under carnage gaming's pubs division. Entering the PUBG scene Maji is hungry to prove that he is a top competitor alongside his team members. Overall bringing an aggressive play style that often leaves the opponents wondering how he remains alive. He will be representing the #redwarriors during this season of PUBG. Maji continues to find success within PUBG, alongside his team he continues to climb the ranks within the community. Competing across other titles has allowed him to gain skills that can be translated to his PUBG career making him a better competitor and team members for the #RedWarriors.