About Us

Professional Esports & Entertainment Organization Established September 2018. Home of the #RedWarriors Carnage has established themselves as a consistant competitor within Call of Duty, Gears of War, Paladins, and many other titles. Making back to back appearances in the Call of Duty Championship events has allowed us to become a notable name within the Esports community. Stay connected with us on all social media platforms for up to date news on our upcoming events and placements. Welcome to the home of the #RedWarriors.



    OWNER | Chief Gaming Officer

    Ivan "KiiNgz" Montenegro Founder an acting Chief Gaming Officer for Carnage Gaming. His journey in Esports began at an early age, competing in Halo 2 as well as Halo 3 before transitioning into a full time student as well as focusing on his career. Ivan currently works within the field of Applied Behavior Analysis, his journey with Carnage Gaming beagn when he decided to return to competing during the release of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Carnage was founded and the rest is history, Ivan continues to dedicate himself to ensuring that Carnage and all it's members are well taken care of day in and day out. Recently Ivan has began to expand his independent brand to allow for others to be able to share experiences via his podcast interviews.

  • Corey

    Chief Brand Officer

    Corey "Twoday" is a former competitive Call of Duty player for Skpk Esports. Upon Carnage Gaming acquiring Skpk Esports he decided to take on an executive role. With his extensive knowledge of the Call of Duty scene he brings on board great insight, he currently ensures that day to day operations are addressed within the Executive Board. Along with ensuring that all operations are addressed, Corey is also one of the primary investors within Carnage Gaming. Corey consistently seeks new opportunities for Carnage to align itself with like minded individuals and organizations in establsihing partnerships that will benefit both parties.