About Us

Professional Esports & Entertainment Organization Established September 2018. Home of the #RedWarriors Carnage has established themselves as a consistant competitor within Call of Duty, Gears of War, Paladins, and many other titles. Making back to back appearances in the Call of Duty Championship events has allowed us to become a notable name within the Esports community. Stay connected with us on all social media platforms for up to date news on our upcoming events and placements. Welcome to the home of the #RedWarriors.



    OWNER / Chief Gaming Officer

    Ivan "KiiNgz" Montenegro, the Chief Gaming Officer and Owner of Carnage Gaming, is an accomplished leader. With a deep background in Applied Behavior Analysis, he knows what it takes to be the best within any venture. Originally having a passion to compete within the Halo franchise, Ivan has witnessed the rise of competitive gaming. Ivan is dedicated to ensuring that all organizations in which he has control succeed, ensuring that all members achieve their ultimate goal. He has expanded Carnage into an event hosting organization, where he remains an active member of the day to day operations. Never allowing the title to dictate anything as an Owner he still remains active across all divisions.

  • Cody Bach

    Chief Executive Officer

    Cody "Snackpack", former Chief Executive Officer for SKPK Esports joined the Carnage Family in early 2019. With an extensive background in both management as well as recruitment he rapidly moved up to Chief Executive Officer. Cody brings an extensive understanding of the Call of Duty community along with other titles that include Rainbow Six Siege, CSGO, & the Fighting Community. Cody has also witnessed the rise of competitive gaming and alongside Ivan form the perfect duo, consistently striving to improve Carnage on a daily basis.

  • Corey

    Chief Brand Officer

    Corey "Twoday" is a former competitive Call of Duty player for Skpk Esports. Upon Carnage Gaming acquiring Skpk Esports he decided to take on an executive role. With his extensive knowledge of the Call of Duty scene he brings on board great insight, he currently ensures that day to day operations are addressed within the Executive Board. Along with ensuring that all operations are addressed, Corey is also one of the primary investors within Carnage Gaming. Corey consistently seeks new opportunities for Carnage to align itself with like minded individuals and organizations in establsihing partnerships that will benefit both parties.

  • Matt Vince

    Chief Operations Officer

    Matthew "Wiki" is the former Owner of Magistrate Esports. He joins Carnage Gaming as Chief Operations Officer bringing with him an extensive amount of experince within Esports. He will be serviing as a member of the Executive Board of Directors. Matthew will be helping Carnage expand into new titles within the coming year. Matthew will ensure that the Carnage Brand extends to new and upcoming titles within Esports. Aside from ensuring expansion he will be helping ensure that daily duties within the organization are completed by all members, staff, and competitive players.

  • Tyler Aaron Harstine

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Tyler "Yeti" is the former Owner of Magistrate Esports. He joins Carnage Gaming as Chief Marketing Officer bringing with him an extensive amount of experince within Esports. He will be serving as a member of the Executive Board of Directors. Tyler will be helping Carnage obtain new partners within the community and sponsors that share our vision. Tyler will ensure that communication with our current partners and sponsors is well maintained, that all communication between them and our organization is up to date.

  • Zach

    Chief Operations Officer - Academy Division

    Zach "Z3" was previously the CEO of Evil Theory Gaming before joining Carnage Gaming. He brings an extensive amount of knowledge regarding management of members. Zach ensures that all new recruits are well incorporated within their respective division. He provides them with the necessary information to ensure they feel at home within Carnage Gaming. Zach continuously discovers hidden talent within the community, providing players with great opportunities.

  • Brian Longval

    Chief of Staff

    Viiox currently is an active member of Carnage Gaming’s Executive Board of Directors. Viiox brings a great amount of knowledge about running an organization and interacting with members. Viiox was a former owner of Team Supremacy before joining the #RedWarrior Family. He decided to join our family as he saw the vision we had and felt that he could grow professionally and personally alongside us. Viiox works close in hand with all staff in order to ensure that we are well informed and remain in close communication with all members. Aside from ensuring communication is maintained he aids in the expansion of leagues and tournaments within out events division.

  • Jesus Castillo

    League Expansion Director

    Jesus “JxC” currently is an active member of Carnage Gaming’s Executive Board of Directors. Jesus has been involved in esports for a couple of years now, as one of the owners of Competitive Sniping League he is aware of the interactions with players. This allowed him to transition to his role within Carnage with ease, he currently works alongside Ivan in order to ensure that all league expansions are well organized. Ensuring that we focus on the upcoming games, and that upon expansion we are well suited to ensure success. Jesus currently has been a staple within the Sniping Community and has began to extend his skillset across multiple titles.

  • Christopher Coscia

    Call of Duty Operations Manager

    Chris currently is an active member of Carnage Gaming’s Call of Duty Management team, he joins the #RedWarrior family after leaving his former Esports Organization. Chris brings an intense passion for Call of Duty, working close in hand with Cody to establish a solid Call of Duty Roster for our Organization. Chris has been a staple for our Call of Duty Division, ensuring that our players remain active, consistent, and that they remain dedicated along with motivated to succeed. He consistently communicates with them about changes within the scene and ensuring that they are up to date with the current format. Essentially a staple within our Call of Duty Division.

  • Rachel Chilton

    Lead Creative Director

    Rachel "Pyrah" Chilton currently is the Brand Director for Carnage Gaming. She is responsible for all creative graphics, social media updates, and ensuring that the #RedWarrior Website remains up to date. She provides all members with the best graphics to ensure they maintain their profiles up to date. Her creativity is unmatched, and her consistent dedication to the brand remains un matched.