Carnage Gaming Academy Division

by Carnage Gaming Admin | September 09, 2020


Carnage Gaming’s Academy Division will serve as a platform for upcoming talent to develop their skill set as well as obtain both professional and personal growth through guidance provided by Carnage Gaming. As an academy member player, streamers, managers, coaches, and any other individual assigned to the Academy Division will be required to comport themselves accordingly. Our mission remains the same to establish a respectable working environment for all members as well as to represent our Brand accordingly.


The Academy Branch for Call of Duty will be home to 6 teams, these 6 teams will consist of 5 Academy Teams and 1 Cadet Roster. Academy teams will be granted entry fees towards online league in which both the Organization and the comprising roster have mutually agreed upon on. Cadet team will be provided guidance, mentor ship, and assistance to grow and only participate in the tournaments established by Carnage Gaming in which they will compete against our Academy teams. These tournaments will serve as a platform to allow our players toe to establish their brand as well as demonstrate their skill for both Carnage Gaming and the community. These events will be streamed, casted, and turned into content to allow for growth towards the brand and the individual player brands. Tournaments will at times have prize pools provided by Carnage Gaming and their sponsors, bragging rights, or simply serve as a platform for the teams to demonstrate their skill set.

Carnage Gaming will provide players will resources such as graphics, sponsorship care packages should those be included in the prize pool during the monthly tournaments. Each player is expected to represent Carnage Gaming and no other Organization during their time in the Academy Division. Should a player seek to represent another Organization this should be discussed with the Organization prior to agreeing. Carnage Gaming will work with each player on a case per case situation. Communication is necessary to avoid stepping or crossing on any Organizations boundaries.

All operations will be controlled and managed through the Academy Division Twitter @CarnageAcademy and the supervising staff. By no means does this mean that the members are not part of Carnage Gaming but rather allows for better management. Carnage Gaming will provide full support for all its members, will allow for Academy members to participate in all Organization activities while ensuring that we provide them with the necessary assistance to establish their individual growth.

Teams will be given an individual identity

  • Alpha
  • Bravo
  • Charlie
  • Delta
  • Echo
  • Cadet

During each tournament ranks will change given the comprising rosters performance, for instance if Echo places first, they will then be promoted to Alpha. Subsequently, ranks can change within the given tournament for each team. The winning team for each tournament will be highlighted in the weekly newsletter produced by Carnage Gaming (Red Alert Newsletter). Will also be showcased on the website and will also receive weekly promotion until the next tournament takes place on the main Carnage Gaming social media pages.

Roster Management:

Roster Management will be upheld to the coach and the managers for the Academy Division. Rosters are not to be made up by players, nor should any set player determine if a member is removed from the Academy Division or set roster. If at any given time a player feels a change is necessary it is their obligation to ensure that they have communicated such feedback with the managers, coaches, or owners of Carnage Gaming in order to ensure proper actions are taken. Roster management will be carefully monitored to ensure members are not entering and leaving simply to do so or claim that they have joined Carnage Gaming. This system is created and monitored to aid players in their respective growth and to do so we need to ensure that the system is being respected and monitored.

We at Carnage Gaming thank everyone for their support and appreciate the opportunity that you are giving us to allow for our brand to be represented by you and your roster. We are here to help one another, we are here to ensure that we all grow, and above all we are here to respect one another.

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