Black Mountain Media Services

by Ivan Montenegro | September 22, 2020

Black Mountain Media

After an impressive Call of Duty performance from the #RedWarriors, Black Mountain Media contacted Carnage Gaming to discuss a sponsorship. They were interested in establishing themselves within the Esports Community and felt we were the appropriate Organization to aid in their growth. After lengthy negotiations we agreed to work together to ensure that they grow within the scene as well as align themselves with our Brand moving forward.

Black Mountain Media offers several services for Esports Organizations, they aid in Media Management which allows Organizations to relieve themselves from the stress of consistently posting and monitoring their social media channels. Black Mountain Media also provides Graphic Design Services for their customers. All services are provided from Still Graphics, Motion Graphics, Stream Graphics, and Stream Graphics.

Aside from Graphic Design services they work with Organizations to establish their Sponsorship Decks, secure partnerships, sponsorship, and any other form of assistance to aid in the Organization Growth. Black Mountain Media represents their clients to the fullest. They provide resumes for players, player and organization representation during negotiations, and ensure that all contractual agreements are appropriate for each party.

If you are seeking their services feel free to contact them for more information via email they will be aiding the #RedWarrriors moving into 2021 and are a proud sponsor.

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