Apparel Expansion

by Ivan Montenegro | March 27, 2021

Carnage Gaming began their partnership with Champion Apparel early 2020 right before the shift experienced by the community given the pandemic. Carnage continues to expand their apparel, with a new focus on strengthening their Apparel so that it catches the eye of the casual consumer as well as the gaming community.

Carnage seeks to establish itself as a competitor within the Apparel Market, as an Organization ensuring that our Jerseys are unique and stand out within the community remains a goal. Carnage's vision has become to provide apparel for the casual consumer that appeals to them, allows them to learn about esports, and also allows them to experience a new community that may be unknown to them.

Alongside Champion and Akquire we are looking to innovate ourselves, provide our community with the best apparel in the market, and also ensure that we unite our fan base. Stay connected with the #RedWarriors as we continue to prepare for future apparel release and focus on ensuring everyone obtains the best apparel possible.

Carnage Gaming Est. 2018

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